My almost-retirement from CP armies…

Well, I’m retiring from everything CP armies EXCEPT the United Nations, which I need to help before I go.

I even sent Green Team to a different user, left my armies, etc.

Yes, I’m wrapping things up, even here.

This site was a great experience, and armies have taught me a lot. In no time I’ll probably join another army… Eh, secretly? But I’m pretty much gone, except for helping the CPUN be well off so they don’t die. Unlike this place, they don’t have people who keep us alive no matter what, but they do have some good ones.

This site can live. I was only holding it back from someone who could run it better, and make it thrive. I’m another trip-trap underfoot. Now take me out of the dang ground, and throw me in the trash, my time’s up, and I wasn’t gonna cause you to fall down after all. (Metaphorical talk)

I’m making the choice that it’s time to go.

I figured I would post my REAL retirement (for now…) here on CPAE, the site I know that gets the most views, so more people could know at once.

Now why am I going? Well… I would stay, but my real life begs to differ. I’ve treated this game like… more than a game, and it shouldn’t be more than that. We all have. It’s rather sad really, but I guess that’s what makes us gamers. Now in my real life, it’s good right now, but I’m leaving this place behind. When I always forget to do this and that on this game, I know I’m letting people down, even if it’s for a bit of a lame cause at times, and I know I can’t hold on much longer.

What I’m saying is, I wouldn’t forget my real life to go “pew pew pew” with snowballs on Club Penguin, and watch people cuss and joke around on chats, and read event after event and complaint after complaint on websites.

Now the thing is, I will still play CP, just not much of armies, because it gets lame. My Youtube for a lot of CP, etc. videos is also becoming inactiveish…

I remember how it all started… ACP my first army… Go figure. But, I would like to thank Shredder30 former leader of the Club Penguin Nitrogen (now deceased) for introducing me to a world of small armies, and kicking off my career.


Chillie17- Thanks for just… Being there as an awesome moose cow dude the whole way through, never giving up on my plans, my ideas, and being loyal, and being a great friend and videomaker. I hope, since your the guy I trained, you train someone yourself… Continue a legacy. (Wow this sounds so dramatic for CP… *barfs in trash can*)

Wookieranger- Thanks for being awesome, even though you left before I knew you would. You have faith in my army before anyone else did, and you were one of it’s first strong troops, and leaders.

Kooldude 247- Who could forget this guy. Awesome, been there awhile, hilarious comedian. Thanks for trying hard with CPGT, and thanks for introducing me to Kooldude Entertainment and PW.

Everyone else- You were all awesome, I really felt like including a few people. 😛

~Keith, signing out.



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There will be errors, I can assure you that these will be perfectly normal and will be happening constantly. Hopefully by tomorrow the site should be transferred safely and you can look forward to a brand new CPAE site.

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Reviving CPAE!

Hello readers!  Yes, it is me, Ajman9011.  I am temporarily returning to CPAE to help out in this needy time period.  Hit the read more button to see some plans, notes to staff, oh yeah, and the CPAE Holiday Brawl! Continue reading

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Temp Close

Gistha2: Several example posts from possible reporters will be posted. Comment on ones which you like, whichever post(s) get the most likes on comments, the author of that post(s) will get a position as reporter at CPAE. 

❗ CPAE will be closing from Monday to Sunday ❗


As you can see, the title says it all. We are closing  from the 28th,  to 3rd for the following reasons.

  • Myself and Gistha2 have important exams in the upcoming week, which therefore will not allow ourselves to update the site.
  • CPAE will be going through some massive  changes over the next week, and we hope that you will look up to us in good light.
  • New staff will be appointed, as the remaining staff have proved to be inactive.
  • CPAE and SMAC are in talks as their being 1 news site

Most importantly, the site for CPAE will be updated and you will see a different layout. May I introduce you to this video for a sample.



The Results of a poll about whether CPAE should close and improve and then reopen.

Poll shows in total 11 FOR vs 5 AGAINST CPAE Closing and Improving.

” No offense but no posts for 3 days? I think this is dead :(“

“Get Better”

“they haven’t had a post since the 11th.”

You’ve expressed your concerns and now were responding. Were no longer going to watch unable heads ignore this, were going to take action ourselves.

  • CPAE will have a new CSS and Graphics layout, this will cover everything apart from maybe the header, the banner, buttons and logo will all be replaced. 
  • The “CPAN Updater” will be implemented with some delicious graphics to compliment it, our new site design will be more intuitive and will allow YOU to get the news which YOU want. 
  • Almost all staff will be removed and replaced. New staff will be personally interviewed and examined several times before being accepted a position at CPAE. We will ensure that all staff will be able to keep an active stream of high-quality posts for at least a month before they are allowed breaks. Staff on breaks will be temporarily replaced by other staff. 
  • We will update all pages to a high-standard and employ people to constantly keep them updated and too a highly presentable standard. 
  • We will ensure that new heads of sites do a excellent job and that they will carry on this once we have re-retired as acting heads.
  • We will ensure that at least 2 customer complain representatives will tend to comments on a page, however we stress that complains and suggestions be presented in a acceptable manner and with constructive criticism, or else they will be ignored. 
  • All in all, CPAE will become totally viewer-orientated and we will have the viewer at foremost in all future decisions.
  • Customer Loyalty Points System Introduced

You’ve complained and now were responding.

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Hello world!

Welcome to After you read this, you should delete and write your own post, with a new title above. Or hit Add New on the left (of the admin dashboard) to start a fresh post.

Here are some suggestions for your first post.

  1. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by reading the Daily Post.
  2. Add PressThis to your browser. It creates a new blog post for you about any interesting  page you read on the web.
  3. Make some changes to this page, and then hit preview on the right. You can always preview any post or edit it before you share it to the world.
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Light troops v Nachos *RESULTS*

Hi guys, waterkid here. So last Sunday 27Th November, LT tried to invade Nachos server ”Fjord”. The Light troops had a good number, and so did Nachos, so it was a CLOSE  battle. LT has one leader, Bluepaint228 and Nachos got their retired leaders with them to help (tanman, person, puckley, joker, etc). The judge, ”mkll” Said it was a TIE. They both did incredibly well, LIGHT TROOPS maxed out 20 – 30 which is a good number for a invasion, NACHOS maxed out AROUND 22 penguins. Here is some pictures i took!

PRE -BATTLE: Light troops in plaza

They had about 16 – 18 penguins 

PRE -BATTLE: Nachos in Town

They had around 17 – 19 penguins

That’s all the pictures i got, but if you wan’t to see more check these pages:

Light troops :

Nachos :

It was a interesting battle, good luck next time Light troops!


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Special report: Ice Warriors

The Fall Of The Ice Warriors

A truly chilling story to tell. 

Continue reading

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Just Stuff

So yeh, I’ve been rather busy recently. Maybe it was a bad idea joining CPAE, I don’t have lots of time to make posts. But I’ll make the most of it, while I have the oppertunity to post and get myself recognised. This isn’t going to be a proper philosophy post, just a quick snippet explaining myself. I’ve recently had an overload of coursework catchup lessons, no idea why (this means I have to stay behind at school for an extra hour). I’ve also just got back from a 4 day holiday in France, which was quite hectic and I had no way of getting on the Internet at all. I also have a throat infection so I have to have regular check-ups at the hospital.

Basically, I’m a 16 year old dude that doesn’t have much time for the computer like I used to. I only have a couple more coursework catchup lessons left, and my throat infection is improving and I should only have it for a couple more weeks. So Redd ( and Keith if you don’t retire before you read this post ), I am going to get back active and focus on making regular posts. I’ll try to make at least 2 posts a week, as I also have to concentrate on my YouTube channel which has also gone inactive. So 2 posts per week if I can find decent topics, and Redd, check your email as soon as you read this as I need to talk to you.

Over & out.      Forka, CPAE Philosopher (getting back active at last)

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Lightning Strikers[LS] vs Gugu Pengu Roman[GPR]

Hey there fellow penguins!

Today I come here with interesting news about 2 armies that fought, but not quite well for GPR. Before we get started, here is a backround check on these 2 armies:

Lightning Strikers- Created in about July 11th, led by Walfsixsix5, and Mkll, try to advertise and they are trying to encourage “Anti UMA”.

Gugu Pengu Roman- Long time no see. Last alive at 2007, never brought back since. Leader is Rainy, and they seem to rise really quickly.

So, here are a few pictures of them fighting it out: 

No sign of GPR yet. 


No GPR yet, but they form a line down.

There’s GPR! Come on guys.


LS claim the server while GPR is nowhere to be seen. 

So, tell me in a comment what do you think about this whole battle. From my view it seems the LS didn’t give GPR enough time to log on AND maybe they pulled a trick on GPR. But, LS did seem  to dominate throughout this whole battle. The other interesting thing is, LS said they did not show up but on a picture it shows the GPR in small size.  In a comment, say what you think about this whole battle, who really won, and if you have any more pictures PLEASE give them to me!


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SAOTW Contest

Hey guys. SAOTW Contest? Yep.


Whats this contest for? Donuts? Sprinkles? Santa CLAUS.


Its for rising armies. Blah, thats what SAOTW is for.. right? 😀


Anyway, this contest is about if your army is rising so well, you will win this contest. There is first, second, and third place. Now whats the prizes? Xats? Days? Powers?


This contest will be for advertisements on the CP Army Express site! And some other prizes, if the Staff can think of some. So Lad, ask Santa Claus for an epic 9000- multi epic fireblazing santa claus sexy yellow donut chocolate banana underwear sandwich tiger food mix freestyle 360 brain for Christmas! Thanks. What are the advertisements for?


If you have a banner, yours will be put on the CPAE site. What If you dont have a banner? Will Gistha scream so loud that the world turns into a carrot?


On our site, we will put a text that says how your doing. Possibly a post. What If your site or chat gets scammed? Will you get off the SAOTW

NO. ITS PROBABLY EYES521. Wait, Eyes returned? I thought he left.

Now, here are the signups. It ends on December 1


1. Army name?

2. Site link?

3. How has your army been doing?

4. Anything else?


If you have any questions, comment below.

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