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Breaking News- Lightning Troops AND ACP are Syndicates next tartgets


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Crystal Warriors Are Back!

Hello CPAE readers! It’s me again and today I’m going to be talking about the recently re-made Crystal Warriors!  The CW were last around in summer and early winter of 2010, when they grew to big sizes and even had … Continue reading

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Upcoming hackers

As all of you know, CP armies have been consumed by many hackers,IATW,V3nom, SaW, Trojan Horses, and now a new one- Syndicate. There mission is to destroy all Major Armies. At the moment, they have recently hacked Ranger Troops, who … Continue reading

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GT Vs. IV- All out war updates

OK we all know this isn’t as big as the ACP and NW war. xD But still a crazy war. Today GT defended Sherbert from the Ice Vikings in a close match. Here are some pictures of the battle. GT … Continue reading

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The return of Pink Mafias

Heres what Pink Mafias wrote on UMA for the UMA to know and currently the information spilled and people know now.

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GT Vs. IV- Updates on the war and the battle for Snow Plow!

As you know the Golden Troops and the Ice Vikings have been at war! Today was one of their first main battles.  Both armies are in a big war over Democracy. IV declared war on GT for being a Democratic … Continue reading

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Medium Army Top ten

Hello CPAE I mussed admit, I am getting pretty bored of doing all the work around here. We recently have had author applications, and so far, only Keith is posting on a regular basis. The rest are either inactive, or … Continue reading

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Dark Penguin Warriors! Back From the Dead!

So hiya dudes!  I am back from the dead as well as the Dark Penguin Warriors!  This post is about the Dark Penguin Warriors and their history! It all began when four small armies merged to make the DPW.  Those … Continue reading

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Armies page: Updated!

Hello CPAE readers, First off, I’m now CPAE president along with Ladtom because of various people retiring, so if you have any issues please come to me or him! Now for the main reason of this post. I went to … Continue reading

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Army of the week- Black Panthers!

OK. I figured I would just do a army of the week now! I would like to present, BP! (Not a oil company :lol:) The Black Panthers, have been on a rise for quite sometime now. I picked this army … Continue reading

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