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Army Updates 3/31/11

Hey, Talex here with some army updates. Ice Vikings Lost to NW in the TTT Bottlefanta IV creator has returned as main leader of IV. Bobcat might return as leader of IV. Light troops Currently at war with GT Going … Continue reading

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Day 2 Times

❗ NOTE TO LADTOM:  MEDIUM TOP TEN? ❗ ❗ LISTEN! I have noticed some comments below. Although extremely ignorant ones, I will answer. THIS IS NOT ROUND 2! THIS IS BATTLE 2 OF ROUND 1! ❗ SO SORRY! The times … Continue reading

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Edit *wary* : Zak, this is your last chance. Please do the Day 2 times ASAP I WANT 0 EDITS OR ANYONE TO MAKE THIS READ MORE AND/OR UN-STICKY THIS! Quoted from the epic Wgfv It is just a game … Continue reading

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Staff Positions and Posting Schedule

Hai CPAE Before I start this very short, but important(ish) post, I would like to say that this is for reporters and workers on the site only. So if you want to waste your time and give us an extra … Continue reading

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Global Defenders: A Closer Look

Redd Kool here with another look at a rising army. I seem to be good at predicting rising armies, because after my look at Ice Vikings, it seemed every army news site had something to say about IV too. Well, … Continue reading

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Armies on the Rise 2

Hello CPAE! This is my second Armies on the Rise post and I hope it is worth your time to read! Unfortunately, I did not get a huge amount of Armies that wanted to be on my next post. So … Continue reading

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Small Army Top Ten

Zak: Due to the loss of Days 2 and 3, Day 2 will be Sunday, April 3, and Day 3 Saturday, April 9. Sorry for the inconvenience! Note: I apologize for the post before. I would have made it nicer, … Continue reading

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Spring Brawl – Results

Zak: I edited the wording in this post. Aj and Kieth had wording errors. There is no next round yet, only next battle. Hello everyone! Keith’s post was added to this one A very promising tournament, with the 1st round … Continue reading

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Tournaments: What becomes of them?

Hello, Zak is here, with the OTHER kind of post I do best at: A serious post. (Top Tens are the other.)

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Allies vs Axes Update

Updates: Green Alliance has claimed they are not taking sides with PH. They claim they are only fighting CPW. CPW claims CH are gelping them in this seperate war along with Sky Troops. Platinum Warriors may join in with Scouts … Continue reading

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