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The Greatest Rebellion! Chapter 1!

  Carter Edit:I am retiring from this great site.I cannot find enough time for it during baseball season.Plus every day I am spending more and more time outside enjoying the great weather.Good luck with the site! Twainz walked into his … Continue reading

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The Nachos Attack/Anti-Hacking (Sign).

Joe Edit 3: Kisses Alex Cone’s feet. 😀 Joe Edit 2: 50th Signer gets to have their feet kissed! Keith: Sure.. Saw that. Joe Edit: Someone has disabled comments… I’m not really the best with WordPress. Can someone turn them on? … Continue reading

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Disney, Club Penguin and Armies

    Well, allow me to get straight to my point. Everyone thinks that Disney hates us. We tend to accept the common belief that Club Penguin itself resents the armies existence. O am here to prove that wrong.     Now, … Continue reading

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The Greatest Rebellion! -A new story coming to CPAE-

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Taking It easy :D

Hello CPAE. For some of us, Spring Break has arrived and we take a break from all of the treachory that occurs at School. Well, It is also Spring Break for me and I am going on a vacation with … Continue reading

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IV vs FW war?

As some of you may know, recently the Ice Vikings declared war on the Fire Warriors…..

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Staff Update

I have decided to promote two reporters here that are doing very well. I congratulate Kieth on receiving Secondary Head of CPAE. I also congratulate Redd Kool on receiving CPAE Head Reporter. Congratulations. Also, Boofgall1 is promoted to Reporter. Good … Continue reading

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Medium Top 10

Hello CPAE readers, This is the Medium Top 10 you’ve been waiting for! As last week, the Top 5 armies have been very hard to rank, as they have all been doing very well. I also would like to say, … Continue reading

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What's going on?

This is just about what’s occuring in the small & medium army world and some more updates. Light Troops-  Invading Slushy today and Ioio is back as leader. DCP- Defending Slushy today from the Light Troops.  Global Defenders- Global Defenders … Continue reading

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Union- The Impossible or The Uneeded?

Obviously, as with any battle of strength or wit, more is better. As the saying goes “two heads are better than one.” Though meaning two people can think more together than one alone, it could be considered in battle. Not … Continue reading

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