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Its the end of CPAE- moving to CPAWN

Do access the new CPAE site, click HERE If would be a pleasure if all of you could read this post. Thats right people, the title says it all. I’m afraid I will have to depart from this lovely site, … Continue reading

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Results day one!

Here are the current results! CPGT b. GT by way of Defualt Light Troops b. SPAAF  

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My Retirement

Hello, this is Bquik here with very sad news. Ever since I was re-hired by Ajman I have been extremely inactive and I have let the CPAE and their community down. I know there are more people out there that deserve … Continue reading

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Top Ten Large

Hello guys!  This is a temp top ten.  I am just making rankings.  I feel that is what you guys want.  You do not care about the blah blah blah.  You just want to see where the army is in … Continue reading

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Temporary Retirement

Hey guys, I’m sorry I’ve been inactive. I’ve been preoccupied with school, family, and friends. I’m busy as HELL. So I can’t be active. And I’m president, but I’m letting you guys down! On that note, I am retiring from … Continue reading

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We finally will be publishing the servers page.  First, I need armies to comment with their servers.  If you army is on the CPA Central Servers Page don’t comment.  Even if you are out of the top ten and are … Continue reading

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Buddy Battles

Redd edit: Ajman, I am just awaiting your okay. Please comment “ok” or “no” or “after tourney” or something so that Im not just waiting forever xD. (ik its been out less than a day this is just so you … Continue reading

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The Tourney Groups+First Battle Times!

Ajman:I am working on the servers page.  Read the post below to comment with your servers. ARMY LEADERS MUST TAKE PICTURES! Zak: TOP TEN WILL BE OUT TODAY! I was busy… Keith: Sorry for ANOTHER edit, but I think a … Continue reading

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Rising Army: My First Post!

Rising Army: Fort Ghost Recon INTERVIEW ADDED ~ Skipper1090

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Snow Warriors: Behind the wall of Snow

Well most of you have heard about the Snow Warriors, but are they rising or dying? One of their leaders Alex Cone has been overthrown due to blaming them for making the Sky Troops fall. I interviewed Simon, a SW … Continue reading

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