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CPAE Legacy

Hey CPAE, a new feature coming before 100k hits.  That is, the CPAE Legacy.  I will be re-posting historic posts from our past!

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My name is Galaxie, also people call me shake. I will be helping here like crazy and here will be the things what I will be working on.

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Imma Back!

Well, it is self explanatory if you read the title: I’m Back 😀 I would like to thank ya, Lad, for doing the Top Tens while I was away. The next wll be out Friday/Saturday. That’s all!

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IMAF-A closer look

Hey Today I’m going to talk about the Impossible Mission Army Force or IMAF.

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Small Top Ten 7/26/11

Galaxie edit: Dear penguin, did you hear that Juju, now has cancer. If you want to see this video and see how Albro looks please visit ❗ Cpae 100k Tournament Today, Changes Made !, check post below ❗ for … Continue reading

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Special Report: Elites

★The Rise Of The Elites★ The True Elites of Club Penguin  Contents: Introduction How did they rise ? Interviews Their Current Status Conclusion Introduction The elites are a very well known army at the moment, peaking 3rd on Cpac’s top 10 ! They’ve been alive … Continue reading

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New Cpae Video Extension Contest

Welcome, I’m going to try something COMPLETLEY new today so I’m not surprised if it fails but hey you never know. Here’s a Cpae advertisement video, I’m giving out prizes for the best video which continues the theme of the video !

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Do Clubpenguin Like Armies Waddling Around Their Servers?

Well , Most Of You Would Probably Think Clubpenguin Hate Us Armies Waddling Around their Servers  Nearly Filling Them Out And Doing Emote Bombs Everywhere , Well Read On To Find Out What Clubpenguin Said To Me When I Asked Them.

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Andre's World

Andre’s World! Table of Contents 1.Ask Andre 2.Andre Insider 3.Fun 4.Music Video

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The CP Army Standings!

Note: These Top Tens are not my opinion, they are based on current Top Tens!

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