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Will the New Club Penguin Chatting System Help Armies?

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted for so long. Anyway, my post today will be about the new chatting system which is being tested on Club Penguin’s beta servers. I recenently went on there, and what I saw may shock … Continue reading

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Updating Armies

1. Army Name 2. Site Link 3. Chat Link 4. Leader(s)

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Army Stuff

Okay Guys Today is my last day of Summer and I’m Making a post and you ask why? Well you don’t really care anyways so I’m going on with my post. Wait but first!!! Why is it if you don’t … Continue reading

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Will They Ever Get There? & Ganger90 Retires From SWAT

If you haven’t heard the Blizzard Warriors got 1st place in the 100k tournament. They averaged about 13 + on cp that day. When they were against Light Troops they averaged about 15+. But in any of these past events … Continue reading

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Try to keep this stickied for a day or two so at least someone knows I’m busy. :3 Also about my story, I’ll work on it whenever  I have time. Sorry for not telling you sooner, and NO ONE not … Continue reading

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CPAE Lottery+Penguin of the Week

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Small Army Top ten

❗ FOR BRAWL ALL ARMIES MUST BE ON CPAE CHAT ❗ Shadow Edit: Can i please do this next time? I’m coming back from vacation and it’ll start my return to CPAE. I’m also gonna update the Nations Page. Momo: … Continue reading

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3 short and intersting post's

Edit: I am sorry that I am posting today *Tuesday* but I never got to publish this post plus my parents 25th anniversary was yesterday so I spent time with them. Unfortunately for most people school is coming up I … Continue reading

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2 Parts..Will Hacking Stop CP Armies? & Recuiting on Chats

Hi Today i’m going to post about Will Hacking Stop CP Armies. Read More if you would like… Okay so First I am going to ask Random People That Question. K=Me P=Him K: Can I ask you a question for … Continue reading

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Hai There Readers! I Really Had A Tough Time For Choosing What To Write On This Post , But I Thought Of Something In The End! The Topic Is : ” Recruiting ” Read On To See The Rest Of … Continue reading

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