Are ALL Armies a Game of Life?

Are armies a game of life? Click “Read More” to find out.
As everyone knows that when you first create an army it starts out small and then you get a few recurits each week by recuriting on Club Penguin. The army starts to get about 10-15 people. Then, the leader submits his or her army to CPAE or SMAC. Next, CPAE and SMAC watch this certain army and decide if it should go to top 10 or the fetured army of the week. When it’s been about 2 months in the army, the army usually gets allies and enemys. So now the army can do something except recurit. Now, they can battle, defend, invade, or train. Using all of these skills, the army has now become meduim! As a meduim army you this is mostly where life comes in. You can trade, buy, sell servers. Also, alot of meduim armies have fun events because they made it to the status of a meduim army. Also, you do the same thing only that chat is more active along with site and there are more events taking place. After working so hard you get on the CPAC Large Top 10! After one or two weeks of being in the CPAC Top 10 you start to fall or start to die. So how does real life come in? This is the answer:

1st: Your army is born with one person.

2nd: The “Father” or the “Mother” (creator) adopts (recurits) people on Club Penguin.

3rd: After doing this for a few weeks they have 10-15 children! So now the “Father” or “Mother” must train his or her children to battle, invade, and recurit. In the future, when the child becomes an adult, the creator will train the adult to train his or her children.

4th: The “Father” or “Mother” submits his or her family to get passports. (CPAE or SMAC)

5th: The passport staff watch the family to see if they aren’t violent. And decides wether to give this huge family passports. (Ticket to Small Top 10)

6th: The kids are getting older and the mother or father is too. They go to sporting events. (Battles, Invasions, Recuriting, etc)

7th: The passport staff decide to give a few more passports to future kids. (Ticket to Meduim Top 10)

8th: They celebrate with some fun events but they still do there normal things such as sporting events.

9th: They get bigger and bigger of a family. Now, there recieving more servers and more recurits.

10th: The passport staff decide this family needs a private air plane. (Ticket to CPAC Top 10) So the passport staff report this to a different passport company that deals with bigger families. (CPAC)

11th: After about two weeks having a private plane, it crashes. Alot of the kids or teens have died. 😦 They try to get a bigger family again but they can’t. They go inactive and everyone in the armies dies. 😦

But some armies do stay in the CPAC top 10. Also, i’m sorry if some real life stuff isn’t realilistic like “a larger passport company.” I was trying to make a point that Armies can be based off real life.

Are armies ALL Arimes a Game of Life? Comment with YOUR Opinion!

                                  -Rock CPAE Philosipher

546 words!

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I joined CP Armies around 2 1/2 years ago. I was on cp and just by chance I was in the middle of a cpac christmas tournament ! I found out about acp , iw nachos... I set up my own army called cbf and i was head of cpae - a small army news site. Ever since ive been closley involved with small/medium armies. I also invited Shimmy222- the founder of TR2G to cp armies.CPAE and cbf were hacked and broke up. Their now dead.I hoped to serve team red 2G as a loyal leader. Im the GFX guy round' here and I'm not half bad at CSS. I look forward to working with CPAE and continuing my long lived legacy of my career with club penguin armies. - Gistha2
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5 Responses to Are ALL Armies a Game of Life?

  1. purpleslime4rocks says:

    wowzah good post but is there anything about periods in this post?

  2. Rock4 says:

    @Forka wow do you purposely say negitive comments about my posts? I don’t say negitive comments about your posts. And this is a good topic so I’m ingoring your negitive comments. Please stop, that is all I am asking.

  3. Rock, Forka isn’t talking to you at all. Last week you did the same. She isn’t talking to you or even saying anything bad. Please, let her be… On a happier note, very good post! Did I help you out? With a little improvement in writing, this could be CPAC material. Keep it up. And now:

    Grammar|Spelling: D (pretty bad, read carefully first)
    Post Length: A
    Post Topic|Opinion: A
    Format: A
    Overall: B

  4. jed1234567 says:

    if i was the father i wouldnt adopt the kids

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