Where has the fun gone?

I think the title speaks volumes to what this post is about.

During the Golden Ages, it was a simpler time, and things were…well, simpler.  Battles had almost no rules, you could fight anywhere you wanted, and the winner was decided when the battle was actually over.  No no, not by a time limit, but when one army had just about completely eliminated the other army.  That took away most of the arguments because one side knew they lost, and the other side knew they won.  Nowadays, we hardly ever fight the battle until the true end, we get tired, make one last charge and take a picture that makes it look like we won, and then we leave.  Then of course, the other army takes a picture of the apparent “retreat” and posts that they too won the battle.  Then the first army fires back with “the battle was already over”, and suddenly we’re spending more time fighting about who won than we spent actually fighting the battle. For we don’t enjoy our wars anymore, we just want to win and get it over with. Armies were created around the idea that battles were fun, which is very rarely the case anymore.  If any newer wars were fun, perhaps we’d be willing to call it a stalemate, make it last, and have as much fun as we could.  But how much fun is it right now?  None, really.

You’ve seen the posts, the controversies, the “rules”, all of which have dissolved any possibility of fun in any war.

So if I may make a suggestion to those interested in fun:

  • Stop with all the so-called “rules”
  • Stop with the posts, the comments
  • Stop the flame wars
  • Stop trying to find every possible way not to admit defeat
  • And if you can’t reasonably prove a winner, call it a tie, and fight another day

For once, just have a battle the way battles are meant to be: for fun.  Forget the so-called “rules”, pick a room, and fight with all you’ve got.  Maybe even hold a classic battle with one army on each side of the Dojo throwing snowballs back and forth.  Get back to the basics, and have fun.  For once, fight not for greed, power, or selfishness, but for good of all of Club Penguin Warfare.  Reverse the trend of cheating, manipulation, and lies that plagues armies today.  Let your example be the standard for others to follow.  Lead your army honorably and virtuously, and teach your soldiers to as well.  And from this point forward, stand up to those who corrupt the Club Penguin Army Community of which we all belong.  It’s time we brought back the fun in Club Penguin Armies, one battle at a time.


About gιѕтнα2||¢ραє ρяєѕι∂єηт||тя2g ℓєgєη∂||¢вƒ ƒσυη∂єя

I joined CP Armies around 2 1/2 years ago. I was on cp and just by chance I was in the middle of a cpac christmas tournament ! I found out about acp , iw nachos... I set up my own army called cbf and i was head of cpae - a small army news site. Ever since ive been closley involved with small/medium armies. I also invited Shimmy222- the founder of TR2G to cp armies.CPAE and cbf were hacked and broke up. Their now dead.I hoped to serve team red 2G as a loyal leader. Im the GFX guy round' here and I'm not half bad at CSS. I look forward to working with CPAE and continuing my long lived legacy of my career with club penguin armies. - Gistha2
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10 Responses to Where has the fun gone?

  1. usarmyrangers says:

    2nd and good job sarah..only ppl who wer in golden age would understand it actually was very fun

  2. melonhead102 says:

    I totally agree were did the fun go?

  3. Foяka says:

    Blame the overprotective 16 year olds

  4. Really great! Keep up the work! One of the best posts yet!
    Grammar|Spelling: A
    Post Length: A
    Post Topic|Opinion: A
    Format: A
    Overall: A

  5. Sarah says:

    @”FoRka” are you like my personal hater or something? xD

  6. Sarah says:

    or is it some competion for being the best Philosophers? I would really like to know so I can play too…..:D

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