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SWAT vs Underground Mafias Army, who will reach their fate?

Hey there penguins! Today I come here with a interesting army battle review: SWAT vs Underground Mafias Army. Both of them have power held inside of their Empire but, only 1 will come out crowned as winner, but who will … Continue reading

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Domains/CSS Do They Matter?

Gistha2: 2/5 for this post, no structure, no format, no colour, no photographs or interviews.  Just poorly written words, I think you have a lot of potential you just need to work on it more. If you don’t have time … Continue reading

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CP Army Warfare Members: Computer Addicts?

CP Army Warfare Members: Computer Addicts is a number of people who spend many hours on the computer chatting, recruiting, patrolling, training, post-commenting, etc for MANY hours EVERYDAY. Welcome to the 21st Century…

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Round 3 Times

 Well here is R3 Times

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Sky Troopers V.S Oreos

S.T Tactics: 24 Sizes: 9-15   Oreos: Tatics: 22 Size:1-2   Winner: FISH ARMY! No JKJK Winner: Sky troops    

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RBAA Vs Miners Results

 RBAA Size: 0 RBAA Tactics: 0 ———– Miners Size: 5-6 Miners Tactics: 1

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GD VS SR VS DJ Results

  GD Tatics: 19 Size: 2 SR Tatics: 18 Size: 2 (and 1 acp wich doesn’t count) DJ Tatics: 16 Size: 1  

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PI2G vs MW Results

 MW Size: 0 PI Size: Surrendered

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The CPANupdater + A few things

First off, I would like to unveil the thing no one knows about except me. (heheheh I’m nuts to introduce an idea still in such works)

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SAOTW This Week Skipped :(

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