My Time Has Come.

I’m retiring from CPAE, and becoming an advisor. I will no longer do Small Top Tens, as I am assigning either Kieth or Mrgpv to do them. I expect both of you, whoever decides to take on the job, to do it, and do it RIGHT. Find me when I’m online, and I’ll make the Army Names on gimp for you. I do not want a replacement. 2 Heads are enough. We only need 1 secondary head, and I think Hwhwk should be fired. But that’s up to Kieth & Redd. For now, farewell.


About gιѕтнα2||¢ραє ρяєѕι∂єηт||тя2g ℓєgєη∂||¢вƒ ƒσυη∂єя

I joined CP Armies around 2 1/2 years ago. I was on cp and just by chance I was in the middle of a cpac christmas tournament ! I found out about acp , iw nachos... I set up my own army called cbf and i was head of cpae - a small army news site. Ever since ive been closley involved with small/medium armies. I also invited Shimmy222- the founder of TR2G to cp armies.CPAE and cbf were hacked and broke up. Their now dead.I hoped to serve team red 2G as a loyal leader. Im the GFX guy round' here and I'm not half bad at CSS. I look forward to working with CPAE and continuing my long lived legacy of my career with club penguin armies. - Gistha2
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2 Responses to My Time Has Come.

  1. Mrgpv says:

    bye Zak.

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