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Reviving CPAE!

Hello readers!  Yes, it is me, Ajman9011.  I am temporarily returning to CPAE to help out in this needy time period.  Hit the read more button to see some plans, notes to staff, oh yeah, and the CPAE Holiday Brawl!

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Light troops v Nachos *RESULTS*

Hi guys, waterkid here. So last Sunday 27Th November, LT tried to invade Nachos server ”Fjord”. The Light troops had a good number, and so did Nachos, so it was a CLOSE  battle. LT has one leader, Bluepaint228 and Nachos … Continue reading

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Special report: Ice Warriors

★The Fall Of The Ice Warriors★ A truly chilling story to tell. 

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Temp Close

Gistha2: Several example posts from possible reporters will be posted. Comment on ones which you like, whichever post(s) get the most likes on comments, the author of that post(s) will get a position as reporter at CPAE.  ❗ CPAE will … Continue reading

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Just Stuff

So yeh, I’ve been rather busy recently. Maybe it was a bad idea joining CPAE, I don’t have lots of time to make posts. But I’ll make the most of it, while I have the oppertunity to post and get … Continue reading

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Lightning Strikers[LS] vs Gugu Pengu Roman[GPR]

Hey there fellow penguins! Today I come here with interesting news about 2 armies that fought, but not quite well for GPR. Before we get started, here is a backround check on these 2 armies: Lightning Strikers- Created in about … Continue reading

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SAOTW Contest

Hey guys. SAOTW Contest? Yep. ———————- Whats this contest for? Donuts? Sprinkles? Santa CLAUS. NO. Its for rising armies. Blah, thats what SAOTW is for.. right? 😀   Anyway, this contest is about if your army is rising so well, … Continue reading

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The possibility of retirement/ TEMP Close

Gistha2: I can see your point Redd. However when we re-open, we can start afresh, with a brand new wowing site and with some new excellent staff, and this will cause an incredible burst of hits which will kick-start us … Continue reading

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I need a Philosiphy topic idea!

If you look at the staff widgits and click on my name, it says all the posts I have created. I have covered about 11 different topics. There is not much philosiphy I can write about anymore. So please comment if … Continue reading

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Eyes 521, Leaving Xat Forever?

Yes one of the most known hackers in CP armies Eyes521 is leaving and i got an interview

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