Reviving CPAE!

Hello readers!  Yes, it is me, Ajman9011.  I am temporarily returning to CPAE to help out in this needy time period.  Hit the read more button to see some plans, notes to staff, oh yeah, and the CPAE Holiday Brawl!

CPAE Plans

As you the readers have been currently saying, CPAE is really at the moment half dead.  Reporters haven’t been doing their jobs, a lack of post quality, site views are extremely down.  How do you think I feel when I see all this going on with the news site I love?  It saddens me to death.  So, when these new reporters and other workers are determined, they will need to be active.  I don’t want to see a hired worker not post in their first two weeks.  Workers need to work.

Now, there will be certain requirements for these workers.  They must post at least once or twice a week.  Preferably we would want twice, but if you can only do one, it’s fine by my means.  Now, we don’t want workers posting 5 150 word posts a week.  The quality of your work comes before the quantity of posts you make.

Notes to Staff

Don’t think I haven’t red CPAE since retiring.  I checked up on it daily to see if I was ever needed to help like current standards.  The staff who have posted have been doing an extremely good job with their posts.  The ones who aren’t posting, let’s just say you need to improve.

CPAE Holiday Brawl

Yes!  It is happening.  CPAE will be holding a holiday brawl to celebrate the upcoming holiday season.  This brawl will either have 16, 24, or 32 armies in it depending on the amount willing to sign up and participate.  Below is the list of armies already in and the sign ups.  Note:  Battles will begin in mid-December.

Armies in:

CP Sun Troops

Sign Ups:

Army Name:

Army Site:

Army Size:  Helps with seeding

Army Leaders:

Promise to attend battles:

Thats all!


P.S.  Some pictures of the site stats.

Screen shot 2011-11-29 at 4.38.06 PM

Screen shot 2011-11-29 at 4.38.16 PM

Screen shot 2011-11-29 at 4.38.39 PM

About gιѕтнα2||¢ραє ρяєѕι∂єηт||тя2g ℓєgєη∂||¢вƒ ƒσυη∂єя

I joined CP Armies around 2 1/2 years ago. I was on cp and just by chance I was in the middle of a cpac christmas tournament ! I found out about acp , iw nachos... I set up my own army called cbf and i was head of cpae - a small army news site. Ever since ive been closley involved with small/medium armies. I also invited Shimmy222- the founder of TR2G to cp armies.CPAE and cbf were hacked and broke up. Their now dead.I hoped to serve team red 2G as a loyal leader. Im the GFX guy round' here and I'm not half bad at CSS. I look forward to working with CPAE and continuing my long lived legacy of my career with club penguin armies. - Gistha2
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13 Responses to Reviving CPAE!

  1. weatherboy1 says:

    Is it okay if CPAATV comes by and record ?

  2. asdfghjkl888 says:

    And I thought we had a little chat about my ideas, Ajman. It appears you’ve either forgotten about the >>>CPAHO<<< Small Brawl.

  3. robbybobby says:

    Army name:Water Raiders

    Army Site:

    Army Size:3+ sometimes 5+

    Army Leaders:Robbybobby(me),camperjohn64,selenaa934

  4. Aj, thanks. I think I need to retire. I have had NO TIME, period.

  5. s0dab0y says:

    Army name-Nation of Domination



    Army leaders-Sodaboy, Pete, Hades, Brownie7

  6. momo941 says:

    Re add me to the site!

  7. lenco1997 says:

    Army Name: Metal Warriors
    Army Site:
    Army Size: medium
    Army Leaders: Lenco (main leader), Milos, Pahi8
    Promise to attend battles: Of course!

  8. мαχ/cαѕ says:

    IF Gish or Lad, is reading this, I really need to speak to you – It’s Cas.

    Come on chat sometime.

  9. Waterkid100 says:

    Army Name: CPPA (Club penguin pirate army)
    Army Site: Small – Medium
    Army Size: 5 – 10
    Army Leaders: Waterkid100 (main) Pingu and daniel
    Promise to attend battles: Sure

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