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My almost-retirement from CP armies…

Well, I’m retiring from everything CP armies EXCEPT the United Nations, which I need to help before I go. I even sent Green Team to a different user, left my armies, etc. Yes, I’m wrapping things up, even here. This … Continue reading

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Reviving CPAE!

Hello readers!  Yes, it is me, Ajman9011.  I am temporarily returning to CPAE to help out in this needy time period.  Hit the read more button to see some plans, notes to staff, oh yeah, and the CPAE Holiday Brawl!

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Special report: Ice Warriors

★The Fall Of The Ice Warriors★ A truly chilling story to tell. 

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The possibility of retirement/ TEMP Close

Gistha2: I can see your point Redd. However when we re-open, we can start afresh, with a brand new wowing site and with some new excellent staff, and this will cause an incredible burst of hits which will kick-start us … Continue reading

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Reporter grades

Keith: This is also in effect for PHILOSOPHERS. Yes, you heard me. 😆

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The CPANupdater + A few things

First off, I would like to unveil the thing no one knows about except me. (heheheh I’m nuts to introduce an idea still in such works)

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Breaking free from our bonds

Redd: Yeah, as a subscriber to CPAE, I received the email you posted it Zak, but I couldn’t find it and assumed you deleted it. Go ahead and sticky it or whatever. Zak: I am. Who put it in the … Continue reading

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Do Armies Rely on Leaders too Much?

Note: I have been told I spell words wrong, that is because of my country. I spell disorganized disorganised, so there may be some words that aren’t spelt the american way. Hey guys, today I will be focusing on leaders, … Continue reading

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Going to be gone

Hey guys, I’m going to a camp for school that will be really fun from tomorrow (Monday here) to late Thursday. Everyone, Redd is in charge of course. Except, with only one head here I want this to be a … Continue reading

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How we're doing so far

Hey guys, I would like to thank our new reporters for activeness.

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