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Light Troops Defeat; Now Rising Again?

Edit: Sorry the images are cut out, I don’t know what happened… Hey Guys, My name is James Bond Rocks, but you can just call me James ;-). Most of you probably know me from xat chats, my reporter application, … Continue reading

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Water Bandits: A Rising Army & PR "Purple Dawn"

Hey CPAE it’s Bobby. Well, I was chillin’ on TG chat, and my good friend, Holo2, showed me a new army called the Water Bandits, and honestly, I can believe I haven’t heard of this army before. WB recently changed … Continue reading

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CP Navy has returned

Hello readers!  This post is on the brought back army CP Navy.  They used to be a dominant small/medium army.  They were once the number one medium army.  Their leader, me, has brought them back.  Please, don’t say bias.  This … Continue reading

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The BW- A new army, rising fast?

Keith: Most pics are very large, so drag them into new tabs to fully see them. Hello viewers, sorry about my lack of posting, I can’t just let my activeness I used to have here slip, so here is a … Continue reading

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