Welcome to the CPAE store!

Im sure everyone who is reading this knows how a shop works and makes its money. It buys products, and sells them for a higher price! Well guess what, thats what we are going to do.

The CPAE store will sell its Adspace in return for xats. With these xats people will earn Credits. For example, Someone had earned 500 credits. He then comes here to the store, and sees what he can buy for 500 credits. 500 credits is 250 xats, or contributer on site.

Right, Im sure you know the basis of what this is about, so Ill get straight to the point.

How to buy from CPAE

There are many things you can buy off CPAE. Here are just a few:

  • Banner on site- 200 xats
  • Author on site for 1 month – 1000 xats
  • 1 post about your army – 500xats
  • Contributer on site – 500 xats
  • Permanent mod on chat – 100 xats
  • Permanent owner on chat – 500 xats

More to come…..

How to earn Credits

To earn credits, you must to the following:

  • Comment first on a post – 10 credits
  • Put CPAE’s banner on your site for 1 week – 50 credits
  • Enter your army in a tournament – 100 credits
  • Make a BETTER banner for CPAE – 100 credits
  • Make a BETTER header for CPAE – 200 credits
  • Comment 100 times on 1 post – 350 credits
  • Comment 1st on 10 consequentive posts – 10000 credits
  • Pay Lad Tom or Ajman, Gistha2 xats- X2 how many xats you payed.

For the moment, thats it

What you can buy- Store

You’ve seen how you earn credits, now you can use these credits. These are just the start, and there are more to come. If anyone has any suggestions for prizes, please comment.

  • 100 credits- 50 xats
  • 200 credits – 100 xats
  • 300 credits – 150 xats
  • 400 credits- 200 xats
  • 500 credits- 250 xats OR Contributer on CPAE site
  • 1000 credits – FREE Adspace for 2 weeks on CPAE ORAuthor on CPAE site
  • 1500 credits – FREE Adspace PERMANTLY OR Editor on CPAE site
  • 5000 credits – Permanent Adspace on CPAE, Editor on site AND 250 xats!!!!!!!

Frequently asked Questions

How do we know how many credits we have? – CPAE staff will count how many you have. For example, first comment on post. We will edit that comment and say – 10 credits.

Who shall supply us the xats?- Either LadTom2, or Ajman, Gistha2

Were to we say what we want?- You comment on this page 😀

This is a big thing to CP armies, and I hope it proves to be a sucess.


78 Responses to CPAE Shop

  1. Keith*Brainstormer*Funkynorn Jr.* says:

    1st eva.

  2. beebee32980 says:


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  4. Keith*Brainstormer*Funkynorn Jr.* says:

    Noo… Noooo!!! I am 1st. 😆

  5. Sledderboy says:

    Scouts have already had your banner for 2 days.
    We will keep it forever. I check this site everyday so now , i not only have a short cut from my bookmark , but from my site too 😀

  6. bluedude392 says:

    Gv has had your banner since creation which was January 29th. You can count the weeks XD.

  7. MOO! Shadow Troops will add your banner.

  8. bepboy9 says:

    I commented on 1 post first
    I entered my army in a tournament
    So so far I’ve only got 110 -.-

  9. ƒℓυ мя.мιη∂ƒяєαк says:


  10. beebee32980 says:

    I entered Assassins in 2 tournaments. 100 xats.

  11. I Entered CPA 2g Into 1 Tournament, 100 credits, Commented 1st 10 credits, Made 1 Header 200 credits Link: , I Have Made 1 Banner For You Before 100 credits(If You Dont Count The Banner Ronaldy Is Making One)
    All Together 410 Credits Or 310 Credits.

  12. Wait The Headers Wrong, Heres The Correct Link

  13. lentalsoup says:

    Tournaments only count from today

  14. Blacky24782(On Diff Computer) says:

    So No One Can Get That 100 Points

  15. Sledderboy says:

    4 days with banner. It will stay forever just so u guys know 🙂

  16. Sledderboy says:

    hey hey hey
    Banner up for 6th day xD
    Tomorrow i get 50 credits 😀

  17. penny550 says:


  18. Galaxie3 says:

    I have 110 credits give me 50 xats

  19. bluedude392 says:

    I ented gv in a tourney, does small army brawl count? 100 or 200. I commented 1st 110 or 210. My armies had cpaes banner for 7 weeks+350. 460 or 560. TOTAL: 560 or 460.

  20. Sledderboy says:

    Been exactly 7 days with ur banner. 50 credits plz xD

  21. I should have 100 credits.

  22. bluedude392 says:

    I want to spend my 510 credits (Awe). 500 goes towards 250 xats. GIMME RAWR.

  23. Pengton19 says:

    I have 20, keep track

  24. bluedude392 says:

    I spent 500 but I got 2 1sts and now I have 30

  25. Pengton19 says:

    I have 20. Keep track

  26. penny550 says:


  27. penny550 says:


  28. jacknat02 says:

    i have 350-.-

  29. pengton19 says:

    – – .

  30. pengton19 says:


  31. jacknat02 says:

    I think so.

  32. Keith*Brainstormer*Funkynorn Jr.* says:

    I win stuff from game nights. :3

  33. ηєσs says:

    200 xats to put a stupid banner on the site. WOW. Anyways, I have an old header I made that may compete with your current header. Here it is:

  34. pet penguin5 says:

    Snork Snork Slime4 Wants to Make A Header For you On Microsoft Word.
    Snork Snork

  35. [КILLΣЯ]Joe™(Doritos-3ic)(Green Team-3ic)(Sun Troops-3ic)ὄ_ὄ says:

    Commented 1st 4 times: 40 credits.

  36. purpleslime4rocks says:

    ya ill put the banner on my site for 2 weeks

  37. bluedude392 says:

    I bought 250 xats. When will u guyz pay. I shoudl b e on gv chat.

  38. tinybuffalo says:

    I have 1500 credits, can a CPAE head of the site contact me when you can?

  39. yellowie25 says:

    Where is the CPAE banner banner?

  40. mew2red says:


  41. mew2red says:

    YES! I JUST GOT 350 MORE CREDITS NOW I HAVE 1050 CREDITS. i want to be an author on CPAE please and now i have 50 credits!

  42. bluedude392 says:

    could u pay me 250 xats. i bought it like months ago.

  43. lollypoppa10 says:

    Can I spend my 100 credits on 50 xats plz???

  44. Red Dude877 says:

    i have 400 weres my xats1111SHIFT111

  45. Agentrds says:

    storm army of cp will add your banner.
    my xat name: Agentrds

  46. mew2red says:

    i have 1050 credits xD

  47. Deliburger says:

    banner on my site for 2 weeks 200c
    entered in 100k tournament 100c

  48. opie111 says:

    I wanna buy an ad on here for 200 xats.

  49. asdfghjkl888 says:

    Asd’s Credits
    Lemon Noobs enter Tournament: 100 Credits
    The Shop was my idea, stolen by Ladtom: 500,000 Credits.

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