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The Bronze Ages

Chapter #1

Penguins have evolved over the ages. From a fight for their color, to a fight for warfare, their has been a sense of war in our blood. But now all that work has made the empire known as Club Penguin grow weak. As mass chaos spread, so did the Club Penguin land. We went on to find massive areas of unclaimed land and keep them for ourselves. They’ve been designed much like the original Club Penguin, which now lies in ruin. They all thought they could succeed, build up an army, keep Club Penguin “protected” from harm. But it’s turned to greed. Sabotage. Chaos.

Club Penguin fell out of the pictures long ago. The commanders of the strongest armies gathered to make armies a more free place, and they took down the powerful forces of CP armies, the moderators. Some say the moderators are forming an army, no one knows. Now as armies are spread out across huge lands, their falling into chaos with each-other. Destroying territory after territory, only to gain no land. But all still feel as if they have lost, since their is nothing left to keep.

Food is scarce, soldiers are overworked and bloody after each day, and even leaders get killed every day. The strongest of them live as royalty, like rulers. But will this all change?

— — —

A penguin in a white armored suit had just set foot on ACP land. He ran at full pace, dodging and backflipping past set traps and land mines. He held a white, armored gun that hadn’t been seen before. As he ran, he was spotted by an ACP helicopter.

“Who the heck is that?” Said Mew2red.

“Can’t tell, but he looks like trouble.” said the person manning the copter.

“VRRRRRRRRRRR” The penguin’s gun turned on. He looked up, aimed, and fired a massive pillar of white-hot fire that engulfed the plane. As this happened, Mew grabbed his propeller cap from the Flyers and jumped out of the plane. He took off arms spread flying for the ACP base.

“This guy doesn’t want anyone to know he was here I would guess… Why else would he be aiming that gun at me…WOAH AHHH!”

“VREEP VREEP VREEP” blasts of plasma flew past Mew as he dodged blast after blast.

Mew got grazed by one of the shots fired right in the face, leaving a terrible burn that stung badly.

“Grrrrr….. That’s it.” Mew said as he pulled out his rifle. He looked into his scope and fired with expert aim. The shot hit the penguin right in the forehead, but didn’t break his armor.

“What!? Crud, I better go!!!”

Mew went as fast as possible, now dodging pillars of fire flying through the sky at him. He did a loop and a new blast flew past him, a shockwave that made the airspace around him distort as the blasts flew by. One blast hit a bird, and it melted.

Mew finally arrived at the ACP base, and swerved in crashing through a window. The penguin in armor flew up to the window with jet pulse shoes. He opened fire blowing the room to smithereens. Mew quickly ran through the ACP base, and jumped off a balcony that lit on fire.


Mew smashed into a table, but the impact was cushioned as the helmet started to take off when he hit.

“My arm..”

Mew’s arm was broken, and oddly twisted. With his free gun he pulled out his rifle again and shot at the menacing penguin approaching him in the air at high speeds. The penguin shot a blast of white hot fire and mew ducked just in time, only to get his helmet melted off. He barely managed to grab the penguin’s foot before he fell, and he climbed and started bashing the penguin in the face with his fist. He jumped off the penguin’s shoulders, and landed on the edge of another balcony. The penguin aimed his gun to fire, but then ten ACP penguins jumped out and sniped his head. The penguin fell to the ground, and busted open when he hit.

The penguins helped Mew up.

“You okay?” Said one penguin.

“Yeah…. Fine.”

— — —


“Yes Declan?’ Kenneth said

“A troop of ours recently encountered a penguin in white armor. It followed him to the ACP base and attacked. Their is minimal wreckage, but wherever this penguin came from, it’s trouble. Our top scientists have already examined the penguin and the troop is in recovery, but the armor is very strong and… The penguin has a huge M on its back. CP’s map is shown behind the M.”

“What do they suppose it came from?”

“Possibly some new breed of super army, but our scientists think its the moderator’s high tech gear.”

“Hmm….” Kenneth said as he started writing. “Bring this message to Slider. Tell him to alert our allies, immediately. Keep this under wraps though, make sure of it.”

“Yes sir.”

Declan walked down to Slider’s office. Before he touched the door knob, an orange penguin with a flying helmet on aimed a gun at him.

“Golden Troops!?-”

Declan got hit on the head by a gun, and then was dragged away.

“Do do do do do do a barrel roll!” Declan heard as he woke up. He was in a rather dimmed room, with a lamp glowing with black light, staring down at him. At the other side of the room, a rather bulky penguin covered in tattoos of skulls looked over at him. He was muscular for the most part, and his face has a scar that cut deep through his skin. He wore an orange hoodie, with the sleeves cut off. He was looking at some cards and mumbling funny phrases. He had a pair of dark orange glasses that made him look like he could smack you around, and a mining helmet with a red skull painted on the side. His shoes were rather worn out, but they still looked like they could crush you with one stomp.

“Ah, the pest is awake.”

“Who are you?”

“Just call me Alex.”

Then Declan got smacked in the face with a raw and moldy fish.

The Bronze Ages

Chapter #2

It was late when Purpleslime, Mattg, and the recovered Mew2red walked into Kenneth’s office a week after the disappearance of Declan.

“What are we here for sir?” Purple asked.

“Your here to discuss the disappearance of Declan. The whole moderator story is interesting and all, but this isn’t them… There was a few small pieces of a cracked red guitar on the ground, we scanned it and it is GT’s property. The GT kidnapped Declan, and others could be ANYWHERE in this base.

Earlier… – – –

Alex walked through the ACP base quickly.

“I hate this green uniform.”

Alex kicked down a door, and did a backflip kick to knock out the security guard. The guard had an oddly twisted neck.

“I thought so weakling.”

Alex pulled something out of a huge bag he had on his back. It was a crumpled and smelly Declan who had one eye missing, and a huge gash in his arm. One leg had a knee cut wide open, with dried blood all over it. Declan’s face was ripped and cut, with marks that already looked like permanent scars. One of his ears was partially ripped, and one flipper was twisted very badly. Along with that, Declan was covered in cuts, bruises, and blood.

“Talk about GT treatment, hell being unleashed style.” Said Alex, then he threw Declan through a door. Declan crashed in front of Slider, who was looking at some documents in his office.


Slider ran and looked down the hall, but no one was there. Declan looked horrible, and Slider had to go barf under his desk before calling the medics. The medics looked stunned, and so did Slider when the medics arrived.

The present…- – –

“There was a recent coverup, and we believe the GT 2ic Alex who now mysteriously retired after we found his identity through our cameras seems to be the culprit. Declan is in critical condition, but we believe he can make a recovery… With a glass eye.”

“So what is our mission sir?” Replied Mattg.

“Your mission is to go to GT’s mainland, Half Pipe. Get into the GT base after taking down a few guards and taking their uniforms, then sneak in. Find any ways for the ACP to get into the base quickly and quietly, and find any escape routes as well. DON’T be seen.

“OK sir.” Said the troops, even if they looked very worried, they knew how important this was for just three members of the ACP.

Deliburger was on the west side of Klondike taking a nap. All of a sudden a shadow was cast over him. He opened one eye squinting, to see a white figure aiming some kind of gun in his face. Deliburger was about to scream when the penguin in armor zapped him, and he was absorbed into the blast. A pulse went through the penguin, and he took off his helmet.

“Ah, glad to be out of that clone form from our leader. Thanks, Deliburger.” The penguin said in a sophisticated voice. Then he shot a blast into the sky, and hit a plane flying by.

“No one passes me without some trouble first.” Said the penguin who now looked like Deliburger.

King Kinn was piloting a small plane titled “Club Penguin Army Air Force Division Transportation Plane” as King was flying, he saw a red hot blast coming towards his plane.

“WHAT THEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” King screeched as the blast hit and enveloped the plane in flames. King bailed out, without a parachute.

“What a great way to go… King mumbled.

He landed in a small tree, which broke when he hit.

“Oh….. Ow….” King said as he looked at his leg that had a sharp piece of wood embedded in it.


King looked around for anyone who could serve as the culprit, but all he saw was broken pieces of his plane scattered over the barren land.

“DANG YOU—-….” King passed out from the pain.

The Bronze Ages!

Chapter #3

Keith and Youg were currently talking to Momo at the end of his retirement party. Everyone else had already left, and it was a bit eerie how quiet the surrounding snow-filled server of Chinook was. Keith, Momo, and Youg, three great army friends were talking in one of Chinook’s small towns before Momo’s departure from the Club Penguin Army mainland. They had a Ninja Freedom Force escort, and were walking to the harbor.

All of a sudden a gunshot whistled through the air. Birds flew out of a tree and scattered as fast as possible. Another gunshot rang through the friends eardrums. They pulled out their guns. One of the NFF guards fell, then the other one. A penguin in white armor appeared behind Youg, as if it had switched off a cloaking device. It went to grab Youg by the neck, but Momo saw the penguin appear.

“WATCH OUT!!!” Momo screamed as he blasted the penguin’s helmet. But it had no effect. Momo jumped on the penguin and started beating at him, but the penguin threw him off.

“Leave them alone or else!” Keith yelled. He had his rifle aimed right between the eyes. Right when he was about to shoot, the penguin threw Youg at him, and they tumbled into the freezing waters of the harbor.

They both stumbled out to find that the penguin had Momo.

“MOMO!!!” They both yelled before the penguin took out his gun, aimed, and shot.

The white penguin looked down, only to find that Momo had barely been missed.

“Dude, I’m a ninja.” Then Momo kicked the guys lights out, and shot through his helmet visor.

Keith and Youg looked at each other, then back at Momo.


They walked up to Momo.

“What is this thing…” Momo asked

“It looks like… Hmm… I don’t know…” Keith replied back trying to find an answer in his brain.

Youg flipped it over.

“Guys look, it has some kind of M on its back. The CP map is in the background.”

“Wait… That M has a… Sh- SH—-…”

“Shield around it.” Momo finished for Keith.

“This can’t be… This thing is just like the penguin described by the reports on the ACP site. It’s a moderator soldier…”

“But it’s too strong to be one of those!” Youg said.

“They’ve gotten more advanced I guess, we need to go once Momo leaves.” Keith said.

“Well…. Guys… I guess I should leave now. Keith, you were a great friend of mine for a long time. You always made armies funner for me, and if I knew you back in my earlier days armies would have been even cooler. Youg, your an awesome friend I met recently that I’ve been able to talk to and hang out with a lot. You’ve been a great friend.”

“It’s sad to see you go.” Youg said.

“Good luck, pal.” Keith said.

Momo walked up to his boat with his machine gun on his back, and the boat sped away.

— — —

Chaz, Hwhwk, James, and Charizard walked through the forest. They were all part of a alliance between a few small armies, and they were walking through the forest in search of any so called “M Penguins.”

As they were walking, Chaz tripped over a bug.

“Ow… Sorry.”

“Again Chaz?” Charizard said.

Behind Charizards right eye Chaz saw a screen-like thing turn on.

“Uhh, Char?” Chaz said



Hwhwk nodded to Char, then looked at James who was staring up at the sky.

The group finally arrived at a cave, and they slowly walked in.

“I’m picking up a heat signature. No wait… A lot of them… Their definitely hiding here.” Said James who now had his heat-vision goggles on. As they walked farther in, Chaz and James got pushed into a room full of heaters.

“What the… James…?”

“Char… Hwhwk what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry to say this James, but your time is up. This alliance could help pose a threat to the Moderators, and we need to start by scaring it. We won’t give you any big info, but let’s just say we’ll frame the Moderators who are “not” us for your deaths. I’m sure that will scare off this alliance.” Charizard said in a voice that made him sound as if he was gloating.

Hwhwk pulled out a gun, and it slowly started to fire up making a high pitched sound.

“Now, the cave goes boom.” Said Char.

Right before  Hwhwk could fire, Chaz and James ran up and attacked.


Chaz ran up to Char and they both went hand to hand to push each other back. Chaz’s arms started to shake, and he was getting overwhelmed by Charizard’s power. Char was about to surpass him when he put Char in a headlock. That didn’t last long. Chaz got flipped over by Char, and a gun was aimed in his face. James was busy fighting Hwhwk while the gun sat on the ground ready to fire once it warmed up, as it was set on automatic fire.

James got a punch in the stomach, and he started to shake before falling over. Hwhwk looked at him and spat on him. He picked up his gun.

“Char, finish it with the play toy already.” Said Hwhwk

Before Char could fire his gun, Chaz spin kicked Char’s legs and flew into the air. He landed on Char’s head and busted his visor. He ran at Hwhwk, but it was a sad attempt. Hwhwk did his own show-off kind of move by backflipping and kicking Chaz right in the side of the face. One of Chaz’s teeth flew out, and he skidded to the other side of the cave.

James looked up.

“CHAZ COME ON GET UP!!!” He yelled.

“Get out of here. This place is gonna be a mushroom cloud soon enough.” Chaz said back.

“No, these things won’t triumph.” James said. He ran at Char, and jumped up, kicking Char so hard his helmet flew off. James grabbed the knocked out Char and charged Hwhwk. He slammed into a fist, and flew backwards into the ground. James jumped back up, one eye squinting from his beating. He ran at Hwhwk, and slid under a spin kick, backflipping once he got past Hwhwk and kicking him in the back of the head, knocking him out. Then, the gun beeped.


— — —

Redd Kool was walking to a GD battle in his uniform since his military truck was broken down. He looked back, and his house burst into flames.

“WHAT THE….. DANGIT!!!” Redd said as he ran over.

A penguin in a white uniform burst out, and landed a few feet from Redd.

“Your… An M?”

“A moderator. We’re not secret anymore. Get it right peasant.” Said the penguin.

He pulled off his helmet to reveal he was Deliburger. he aimed his gun.

“Game over.” Said Deliburger.

“Your… An M!!!???” Redd said.

Then all of a sudden a truck slammed into Deliburger. Deliburger flew back into the snow, partially knocked out.

“Who the… Hey, you stole my broken vehicle out of my driveway just now?” Redd said before looking back to see his truck still in the driveway.


“But this guy is a random CPA trooper…” What the heck is he doing as a Moderator?”


“I don’t think he wants to answer…” Redd said as Deli got up.

Redd pulled out his gun. Before Deli could attack, Redd shot his gun and hit Deli in the chest, busting his armor. Then the penguin drove into Deli who flew back and hit a tree.

“What kind of gun is that…?”

“A special GD-made gun. No more info allowed.” Redd said. “Anyways, what the heck is your name?”

“King Kinn…” The penguin said.

“Listen, go in my house and tend your wounds. I got a battle to go to.” Redd said.

Then the two went their seperate ways. Before King went inside, he dragged in Deli and locked him in Redd’s basement.

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